Where does the slang adjective “peng” come from?

I read on Cambridge Dictionaries’ About words blog that peng is a British slang adjective meaning pretty, very attractive. I am told by a coworker that it is of Caribbean origin, but have no more information. Can someone confirm this origin, and maybe provide some more information (e.g., what root it ultimately comes from)?


here’s one definition of peng

Adj. 1. The best, great, excellent,
often heard with reference to drugs.
E.g.”This weed is peng!”
2. Of a person, very attractive, desirable.

one non-authoritative version of where it came from:

Basically, it means they think you’re
good-looking/attractive – usually
referring to a girl. It can also mean
stoned/high on weed/cannabis. (It
originates in Nottingham.)

Here’s the Urban Dictionary reference:

a word used in areas such as
nottingham to descibe something as
good. Can also be used to describe
someone as good-looking. see also bum

. oh my god, that jacket is proper

Yeh, i’d do him, he’s well

Source : Link , Question Author : F’x , Answer Author : Paul Amerigo Pajo

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