Which abbreviation for the world wars is more correct; WWI or WW1?

At my daughter’s school, there is an exercise in general knowledge; this term’s is about ” The World Wars”. The question posed is which abbreviation is correct, the first with Roman numerals or the second with Arabic numerals. Later, all questions use the second. I suspect the teacher is laying a trap so I want to be prepared.

While studying history. I was taught the former was correct;checking the Chicago Manual of Style, both are correct but only one choice should be used in a text.
Have you all any guidance to offer? Oh, one other thing: I’m American trained but we live in Australia and the school reckons it is quite posh, in a British way.



ODO has entries for both WWI and WWII and none for WW1 and WW2. That said, all four variations are—going by Google Ngrams—in use. But Roman numerals appear to be the preferred choice.

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