Which adjectives go with the phrase ‘strike somebody as (being) something’

The longman dictionary states that we can use ‘strike somebody as (being) something‘ and ‘it strikes somebody as strange/odd etc that’ to mean that something seems to have a particular quality or feature

His jokes didn’t strike Jack as being very funny.

As I understand, we can always say that something strikes us as strange (odd), and that would sound normal. For example,

This struck me as strange and made me look into the further data in the past.

I wonder which adjectives are well combined with this phrase, besides ‘strange’, ‘odd’ and ‘funny’? Are all adjectives applicable here?

I took ‘unpleasant’ as an example:

The bubbling sound struck me (as) unpleasant. (ok?)


The verb strike here doesn’t mean much more than seem, with an implication that the appearance is ‘striking’ and perhaps ‘immediate’ or ‘superficial’; so it is possible to conceive circumstances under which practically any adjective might be employed here. I pluck cardiovascular off the first text that meets my eye, and I imagine two physicians discussing a chart: one suggests that there are signs of gastrointestinal disease and the other responds

I don’t know about that; these symptoms strike me as cardiovascular.

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