“which day is Friday” vs. “what day is Friday”

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"Which" vs. "what" — what's the difference and when should you use one or the other? I know that “what” can replace “which” in the examples below.
But which questions sound more more common?

  • Which/what day is Friday? — It’s the fifteenth.
  • Which/what day is the first of November? Is it Saturday?
  • Which/what month is the warmest in your city? — It’s July.
  • Which/what season is it now in your city? — It’s summer.


For this, I have to turn to Google Ngrams:

What/Which day is

Google Ngrams "what day is" vs "which day is", showing "what day is" with more hits.

What/Which month is

Google Ngrams "what month is" vs "which month is", showing "what month is" with more hits.

What/Which year is

Google Ngrams "what year is" vs "which year is", showing "what year is" with more hits.

Based on the Ngram results, it seems clear that what is far more common today for all questions relating to dates (however, that wasn’t always the case). This is also consistent with my preferred usage and experience, where I would hear what used probably 9/10 times.

Source : Link , Question Author : Peter , Answer Author : Nick2253

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