Which is correct in this example? Who or whom? (example upon which my friends and two professional editors could not come to an agreement)

I know this question has been posed many times already, but I’ve had several people (some even professional editors) who cannot decide on the correct form in this sentence.

Three men, one demon, one minority—on a quest to kill the guy who/whom
Domino’s parents love more than him.

Please tell me which is correct. Who or whom?

I myself am unsure (regardless of other answers) in this situation, because a few people and both my developmental and copy editor have differing opinions, so I have no idea which one is right, since both have their own opinions and arguments for this. One editor says “who” is correct here because the person in question is the subject in this sentence (although I’m not sure whether they are right or wrong about that), but the other editor said I need to follow the “he/him” rule. Thus, I don’t know which rule to follow.


The accepted answer in the linked duplicate advises to switch who with he and whom with him, then rearrange the words. The sentence that makes sense wins.

Domino’s parents love him more than him/he

So whom wins

Source : Link , Question Author : Klara Raškaj , Answer Author : loonquawl

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