Which is correct in this sentence: “me and my” or “my and my”?

Which of the following sentences contains the grammatically correct bolded section:

“He affected me and my friend’s day.”
“He affected my and my friend’s day.”

It seems clear to me that the first sentence clearly sounds the best, but I was always told that you should be able to isolate the sentence to just one of the objects, i.e. remove my friend from the sentence, and when I do that, only the second sentence makes sense.

What is the correct grammar to use here?


  1. He affected my day.

  2. He affected my friend’s day.

  3. He affected my day and my friend’s day.

Hence – “He affected my and my friend’s day.

You wouldn’t think of writing – “He affected me day.” – would you? 🙂

He affected me and my friend’s day.

puts forward two things,

  1. He affected you. (not your day but affected you in some other way)
  2. He affected your friend’s day.

Therefore, “me and my” is not a good combination for use in this context.

Source : Link , Question Author : Charlie , Answer Author : Justin

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