Which kind of stay is author referring to?

The entire lake forms a shape resembling a peanut or a foetus, the
choice of description depending, perhaps, on the kind of stay a
visitor happens
to be having.

The above is an excerpt from Wheels, a novel by Arthur Hailey. The novel is about auto-mobile industry; but I’m unable to understand what he means by stating the text above in bold. How can the mood of visitor decide whether the lake is shaped like a peanut or a foetus?

Can someone explain a little bit about this? I couldn’t find the text available online, so I can not provide a link to it. 🙁


The author may be saying that the visitor will associate the shape with the mood he or she is in. Peanuts are often consumed while a person drinks. A newly married person may think of being pregnant. So, depending on the purpose of one’s stay, one can associate the shape with the subconscious thoughts of the visitor.

Source : Link , Question Author : hjpotter92 , Answer Author : JayHook

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