Which one is correct? “I am suffering from fever since yesterday” or “I am suffering from fever from yesterday”?

I am not good in English literature.

From daily use of English language, it seems to me that the second from in:

1 I am suffering from fever from yesterday

is the correct word. But, my friend, a major in English, is saying that the correct word is since:

  1. I am suffering from fever since yesterday.

I do not understand why he says that I must use since not from. Can anyone explain which version is right and why?

I am asking for the situation when using the present continuous construction: be + VERBing. I do not mean the present perfect continuous.

More explanation

I know that in the case of present perfect continuous case we can use since, for, from. However, in a sentence of present continuous structure, then what should we write, from or since? Please explain the grammatical law that forbid me from using from.


The idiomatic way to say this would be to use present perfect instead of present continuous, but with since as the preposition:

I have been suffering from [a] fever since yesterday.

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