Which phrase is possible using “last time”?

There is a dialogue:

“Which hotel are you staying?”
“It’s the same hotel I stayed at last time I was here.”

I’d like to ask about the second sentence. If I want to make it short, which sentence is correct from the following?

  • (1) It’s the same hotel I stayed at last time.
  • (2) It’s the same hotel I last stayed at.
  • (3) It’s the same hotel I stayed at for the last time.

Or do I always have to say the full sentence like the first example even in the daily conversation?


In casual conversation, you don’t need a complete grammatical sentence. I’d be inclined to shorten it like this:

Same one as last time.

There are a number of similar variations that might slip out as well:

Same hotel as last visit.
The same place as last time.
Some one I stayed at before.
I’m staying where I did before.

Source : Link , Question Author : tennis girl , Answer Author : J.R.

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