Which sentence is correct, “The shop is open” or “The shop is opened”?

As for “The shop is open” or “The shop is opened”,which sentence is right?


I think this is an interesting question. We often do use the past participle form of a verb as an adjective, but as Zero’s comment and kiamlaluno’s answer indicate, opened is “non-standard” in OP’s context.

Having said that, I think there is evidence that native speakers are trying to “regularise” things…

enter image description here

A similar trend seems to be happening with adjectival roasted and cleaned, for example. So my guess is if OP lives long enough, he may eventually be able to refer to an opened shop quite naturally.

Picking up on my first sentence, it’s worth noting that there are two “adjectival” forms derived from the verb to interest. Both are common, but they have different meanings…

I am interested – something/someone is exciting my interest
I am interesting – I am [capable of] exciting someone else’s interest
*I am interest – would normally be considered completely unacceptable

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