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I’m wondering if the words in this list which describe my university coursework should all be capitalized, or just the first word? If its relevant, these are NOT the actual name of the courses. But since I brought it up, what if they were the actual name of the course?


Relevant Coursework: Machine Learning, Database Management Systems, Data Mining, Mergers, Financial Recapitalization, Leveraged Buyouts


Because the current list is not composed of official course names, they would not be capitalized. Generally, you would capitalize a proper noun (in this case, the official names of the classes), whereas here you are listing common nouns (the subjects of your coursework).

Correct version of current example:

Relevant coursework: machine learning, database management systems,
data mining, mergers, financial recapitalization, leveraged buyouts

You can read a bit more about proper and common nouns here:


Though there are plenty of sites explaining them if you just use Google (<— its capitalized because its proper noun).

Source : Link , Question Author : Richard , Answer Author : Balaz2ta

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