Which spelling is correct: “Re-order” or “Reorder”

I’m looking to label an action button that would allow a user in a software interface to enable reordering (sorting, not re-purchasing) of items in a list.

Re-order vs. Reorder

When first presented with a label of “Re-order” it looked weird to me but my Googling left me more confused that resolved on the matter.

Merriam-Webster indicates that “reorder” applies to both ordering again, and arranging in a different order.


Dictionary.com has examples for the term “reorder” (at a url fragment titled “re-order”), spelled as “re-order”

Are both versions acceptable/interchangeable or is one more correct than the other?



With re- words, you should use ‘re-’ (with a hyphen) if the next word
begins with an ‘e’ or a ‘u’ (when not pronounced like ‘you’).
Otherwise, don’t hyphenate. It’s therefore re-examine, re-urge,
re-entry and re-elect, and reuse, reunion, reorder, reinforce and

Source: http://www.proofreadinglondon.com/blog/to-hyphenate-or-not-to-hyphenate

In general, try to avoid putting hyphens into words formed of one word
and a short prefix

Source: http://www.economist.com/style-guide/hyphens

Source : Link , Question Author : scunliffe , Answer Author : Michael

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