Which version of English is most common in Switzerland?

Since I’m from South Africa (a former British colony) and attended a British school, I mostly write English in a British way. Given that there are also Americans in Switzerland, one also comes across American spellings in written text. This had me wonder which version of English would be “most standard” for use in Switzerland.

The country only has four official languages (German, French, Italian and Romansh) so English, as usual, is not prescriptively standardised. It means we need to select an appropriate sample of people and go for a more descriptive answer. Maybe what’s most relevant is what kind of English spelling is taught in Swiss schools? Do Swiss schools tend to use textbooks from the UK or from the US? If a Swiss person were to read the Bible in English, which translation would they be most likely to choose?


As a Swiss-American, with Swiss nieces and nephews in the Swiss school system, I can say that it is British English. Several of my nieces and nephews studied in America and were marked down when they used American English or spoke with American terms. I would imagine that it would vary in different areas, but my nieces and nephews live in different parts of Switzerland and one set goes to school in German and the other in French and it appears to be the same set of rules for both of them.

Most of the people with whom I speak in English in Switzerland have a light British accent. It is definitely not pronounced.

Source : Link , Question Author : Hugo , Answer Author : Andrea

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