Why can “dispute” be both verb and noun, but “refute” only a verb?

The word dispute be used as a verb or a noun:

  1. Do not dispute me on this.

  2. The dispute was settled quickly.

However, the word refute can be used only as a verb:

  1. I shall refute this claim.

The only way to use it as a noun is to add the suffix ‑tation:

  1. That was a weak refutation.

Why is this?


There was a noun (synonymous with refutation), but it was never very popular, so it died out. For example:

We finde no concurrent determination of ages past, and a positive and undeniable refute of these present, the affirmative is mutable.  

Pseudodoxia Epidemica

Source : Link , Question Author : user3163495 , Answer Author : Laurel

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