Why is it “weight was”, and “thighs were”?

I’m just working on a website, to do with tracking body measurements, which measures weight, hips, thighs, biceps, chest and waist.

I’ve noticed when dealing with past data, I write weight/waist/chest as “Your weight/waist/chest was x”, but all the other are written “Your thighs were x, your hips were x etc”.

What’s the reason for needing to use both were and was?


As Catija mentioned, it’s really quite simple:

You have one weight, one chest, and one waist.
You have two thighs, two hips and two arms.

Conjugation of ‘to be’ says:

One object was
Multiple objects were

So your weight was, and your thighs were.

Source : Link , Question Author : TMH , Answer Author : MMJZ

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