Why is “oh” spelled “oh” and not “o”?

Oh my!

In the above example, to me, “oh” seems to suggest one should pronounce “o” as a short vowel, whereas “o”, seems to suggest one should pronounce “o” as a long vowel. In other words, I would expect it to be spelled as:

O my!

I would expect “oh” to be used in this example, meaning to express “oops”:

Oh o!

… or used an an expression of excited amazement, when watching beautiful fireworks for instance, like this:


So why is “Oh my!” spelled this way?


There is no difference between the pronunciation of oh and o; in both the cases, the pronunciation is /oʊ/.

Oh is used to express surprise, anger, disappointment, or joy; it is also used when reacting to something just said.

Oh, shut up.

O is also an archaic spelling of oh; it was also used before a name in direct address.

Give peace in our time, O Lord.

Source : Link , Question Author : Decent Dabbler , Answer Author : apaderno

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