Why is saying “cr@p” more socially acceptable than saying “sh!t” is?

I know shit is generally considered vulgar swearing in any context, while crap (though it’s normally used as a swear word) is often used and allowed in decent contexts.

How did this happen, since they both refer to the same thing?


Prof. Lawler provided an excellent answer in a comment:

Crap is a recent word, an old word for ‘chaff’ that became a euphemism for shit in the 19th century. It became associated with the Crapper brand of flush toilet and has held on since. It’s what George Carlin calls a “two-way word”, in that it has a non-taboo meaning as well: “You can prick your finger, but you can’t finger your prick”. Then there is the dice game called “craps”, where losing is called “crapping out”. Shit has none of these ramifications; shit is just shit.

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