Why is shippable spelled with 2 p’s [duplicate]

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What is the correct spelling: wrapable, or wrappable?

My mother “corrected” me and said “shouldn’t shippable be spelled as shipable”? My gut feeling said two p’s, but I couldn’t think of a reason why. So I googled it and it is spelled with two p’s, but I still don’t know why. As far as I am concerned it could just as well be spelled with one ‘p’.


The rule, from the related questions, is: when adding a tense suffix other than “-s”, like “-ing”, “-ed”, “-able”, etc, you should double the ending consonant when the last syllable of the word ends in a single consonant, and that syllable is stressed. So, “ship”, being a single syllable, is stressed, and it ends in a single consonant (instead of a double like ch, ss, ng, ck, nt, etc), so double it.

Source : Link , Question Author : albertjan , Answer Author : Alenanno

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