/will/ or /wəl/ in this audio?

We will start the day with cloudy skies.

(here is the audio of the above sentence )

Is the will in this audio file pronounced as /will/ or /wəl/?

To me, I hear that the speaker’s vowel for will is not as near as /ə/ or as /i/.

How does he pronounce the word?


“will” is a common “add-on” or auxillary word. That’s why it’s often contracted = “we’ll, they’ll, I’ll, etc.” Thus there is a tendency to run the two words together, and let the vowel in “will” fall to a schwa as though “we will” was one word with accent on the “we.”

You’ll never be misunderstood if you clearly pronounce the short i in will in all instances, though.

Source : Link , Question Author : Listenever , Answer Author : LawrenceC

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