“will” vs “shall” in the movie Pride and Prejudice [duplicate]

This extract from the film script of Pride and Prejudice (1995) and the meaning of some sentences are a bit vague for me.

  1. Why does Kitty use will in the first sentence and shall in the second?
    Is the extra implication of shall “to make her do”?
  2. Why does Lydia say “… you would tell her?” Why is would used here?

KITTY: Lydia has torn up my bonnet and made it up new and says she will wear it to church. Tell her she shall not!

LYDIA: I shall wear it, I beg you would tell her so, for it’s all my own work.


  1. ‘Will’ in the first sentence is a standard usage. ‘Shall’ in the second sentence is used to convey order, requirement, and determination. Actually we can rephrase it as ‘Tell her she must not’.

Shall in The Free Dictionary:

b. An order, promise, requirement, or determination:

  • You shall leave now.
  • He shall answer for his misdeeds.
  • The penalty shall not exceed two
    years in prison
  1. ‘I beg you would tell her’ is a polite request similar to ‘I beg you to tell her’, ‘would you tell her’, ‘could you tell her’, put as a statement.

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