“Woman front bits” meaning

Whats does “woman front bits” actually means?

This question is surprisingly inspired by one of the answers
to this question: “Is there any slang I should avoid in the UK or Ireland”.
It is appropriate to quote it here:

Avoid the use of the word “fanny”, as it is slang for, ah, a woman’s
front bits. Be very careful when referring to your fanny pack!

In dictionary I have it is written that “fanny” indeed is a British English pejorative term for female genitalia. On the other hand, in urban dictionary we can read about two different meanings of “front bits” term:

  • The male private parts.
  • the way a Brit explains breasts.

So, not that it is the most important slang word in my life, but what does this term exactly mean talking of women.


In the UK, certainly, a fanny is slang for vagina.

A lady’s front bits would definitely mean vagina and not breasts. A less-oft-used term is “front bum” which is also slang for vagina.

I have never known front bits refer to breasts.

Source : Link , Question Author : shabunc , Answer Author : Ste

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