Wondering if the two sentences I made are correct grammatically

  1. I’ll make it office around 11:30 .
    ( this is a promice meaning that I will arrive / I will show up around 11:30 in/at the office. )


  1. He wouldn’t have jumped down your throat if you had not made it office late.

I am sure they seem wordy. But I need to know if my perception of the similar text have been read today is correct or not.


“make it”, as a synonym for “arrive”, cannot take a direct object (as you have written in I’ll make it office); you must specify your destination with a prepositional phrase:

I’ll make it to the office …

Other than needing that “to the” in both of your sentences, they seem fine.

Source : Link , Question Author : user5036 , Answer Author : Hellion

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