Word describing multiple paths to the same abstract outcome

I am looking for a word I came across but forgot to note down. It describes that multiple pathways can lead to the same outcome — not in terms of physical paths but rather in terms of an abstract state being reached.

The word is academic English and to me it seemed to originate from Latin (I think something with equi…). I have been unsuccessfully searching for it for a while now.

I am not trying to portray the fact that all pathways have the same outcome. Rather, we see one outcome and there might be different pathways leading to it (i.e. looking from the perspective of the outcome back — trying to explain that it can have different pathways). Refer to this academic paper — just read the abstract — to get an idea.


Perhaps equifinality? From Wikipedia,

Equifinality is the principle that in open systems a given end state
can be reached by many potential means. Also meaning that a goal can
be reached by many ways.

And from Merriam-Webster:

the property of allowing or having the same effect or result from
different events

Source : Link , Question Author : Ivo , Answer Author : drewhart

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