Word for calling out to a deity in frustration?

Like when Zuko yells at lightning to strike him (but ideally more in the sense of insulting a deity). Imagine standing on top of a cliff during a thunderstorm, clenching your fists and and screaming at the top of your lungs “ARE YOU WITH ME!? WHERE ARE YOU, GOD!?” toward the sky. Kind of like “invocation,” “appeal”, or “curse”, but definitely none of those.

Example sentences:
“The cultists recited a ritual _____ in unison”
“Desperate, the beggar collapsed to his knees and ____’d at his luck”
“It was suddenly very clear now–he had been tricked! He _____’d at Loki for his cruel deception.”

I’m looking for an action more emotionally charged than “curse”

I’m open to the possibility of a compound word or phrase being what I’m looking for, but should be decently idiomatic.


I would probably use the word railed here.

He railed at the gods for their treachery.

Railed at (or against) implies to curse at or denounce someone or something and it has the emotional implications you are seeking.

rail against/at/about
Complain or protest strongly and persistently about.

‘he railed at human fickleness’

Synonyms: protest strongly at, make a protest against, fulminate against, inveigh against, rage against, thunder against, declaim against, remonstrate about, expostulate about, make a fuss about, speak out against, express disapproval of, criticize severely, denounce, censure, condemn
Oxford Dictionaries/Lexico

Source : Link , Question Author : Thomas Kagan , Answer Author : Laurel

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