Word for delimiters which are placed after each item?

The word “separator” can be used to describe delimiters which are placed between items. For instance, in this sequence:


The ‘b’s separate the ‘a’s.

I’m looking for a word similar to “separator” which can be used to describe delimiters in this sequence:


The ‘b’s come after each ‘a’.

Examples of this are periods after sentences and, in programming, semicolons after statements.


I’d say

  • terminator (terminator token, terminator character, terminating punctuation etc.)
  • end marker (end of line, end of input, end of block, end of statement etc.)
  • trailer (trailing token, trailing character, trailing signature (below))

Somewhat more loosely, more appropriate to (binary) file formats, maybe:

  • signature (signature bytes, header signature)
  • marker

Source : Link , Question Author : Pubby , Answer Author : sehe

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