Word for describing moderate movement speed

What word can be used to describe moving at a moderate pace?

  1. Moving Slowly describes slow speed.

  2. Moving Quickly describes fast speed.

I am looking for the best single word replacement. Moving Moderately is what comes to mind but doesn’t satisfy me very much.

The context is to have a list of words from which a user can choose the best adverb to describe the speed of a moving object.

Detailed Context
Working on a software tool for a person to use while monitoring video. In this software they will be able to assign different speeds to a “target” (not a person and not alive). I need to have a list of adverbs they can choose from (thus the reason for a single word, otherwise the list will look funny and be too complicated).


Try this:

  • Low speed
  • Medium speed
  • High Speed

This is simpler than trying to find a midpoint word between “slow(ly)” and “quick(ly)”. This is the terminology you would see on a three-speed kitchen mixer, or a three-speed hair dryer.

Actually, on the speed-control labels these are often shortened to:

Source : Link , Question Author : Brett , Answer Author : Brian Hitchcock

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