Word for people of all nationalities that have African ancestry other than “black”

What’s a politically correct word that includes all people of sub-Saharan African descent no matter what their nationality is? “Black” is not politically correct enough. But “African American” doesn’t include non-Americans. And “African” doesn’t sound right when describing an African American person (it might be a bit offensive). Is there a synonym for “black” that is inclusive and P.C?


“Black” is the correct term. “Afro-American” is a subgroup of “Black”, just as “Kikuyu” and “Luo” are.

In the RSA the offensive term “Kaffir” was used during the apartheid years. Now the term “Black” is used; even the great leader Nelson Mandela said “Black”.

Respected Medical publications use the term “Black”, see https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/3986110

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