Word for someone with suggestions but doesn’t work themselves

What is the word to describe someone who comes up with lots of ideas and suggestions (especially in team meetings), but when it comes down to implementing and following through on them, they fail to act or simply choose to delegate the work to someone else to avoid doing the work?

Is there even a word for this type of person?

Ex. John couldn’t stop talking about his great idea for a basketball tournament last week at the team meeting, but when asked who would organize it, he quieted instantly and suggested that his colleagues follow through on his idea. John is definitely a …


As suggested in comment by @Cascabel the epithet ‘armchair’ is often applied to people with volumes of theoretical comment and zero practical experience.

Or, at least, when they do get involved (see below) they make a mess of it.

The epithet benefits from its similarity of sound to the word ‘amateur’.

sharing vicariously in another’s experiences
– an armchair traveler

Merriam Webster

Millions of ‘armchair’ investors piled into Bitcoin – now they can’t sell

Telegraph .co.uk 27th June 2019

Source : Link , Question Author : Andrei , Answer Author : Nigel J

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