Word for the act of a PC “breathing”

“Breathing” that’s right, that’s the word I’m looking for. Obviously a computer doesn’t breathe, but what does it do?

By this I mean, a computer, more specifically the system unit or a laptop. On a system unit or a laptop, there are openings that allow hot air that’s produced by the heatsink/fan to be blown out of the machine in order to prevent overheating.

The other day I was looking at some Macbooks at the Apple store. Unlike other laptops, the Macbook virtually has no openings on any of its surfaces. So then I went and asked the saleperson on its mechanism in preventing overheating. When asking, it occured to me whether there’s an actual word that describes this process/action, a verb that describes the act of sending heated air produced from the heatsink/fans inside the computer out through the openings on the surface of the laptop or system unit by the machine to prevent overheating. In other words, the laptop is not breathing, it’s [ ? ]. How does the machine [ ? ].


Ventilating or venting, as Cerberus should perhaps have answered, rather than commented.

Source : Link , Question Author : Theo , Answer Author : MikeM

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