Word For When You’ve Been Forced to No Longer Trust Something or Someone [duplicate]

Often, I encounter situations (particularly with software or electronics, though occasionally with people) where bugs or strange events happen that cause me to lose trust in said software maintaining the integrity of my data, or said technology being reliable ‘in the clutch’ (or even scenarios where a person or business entity change a predictable, relied-on pattern of behavior, belief or expectation).

Sometimes I feel so strongly about the broken trust, that I feel forced to stop trusting (even if such events leading to the distrust were unintentional). I may still use said software, but I continue to do so very cautiously at that point.

The word I believe I’m looking for is similar to ‘ized’ words, in that it describes a state of ‘forced distrust’ assigned to myself, not the state or act of the object/person breaking the trust (e.g. “I’ve been/become xxxxxxxized by such-and-such…”).

I often want to use the word ‘disenfranchised’ to describe such a state, but I’m not sure that’s 100% suitable to the various contexts or the concept of lost trust (even though whatever trust I had was likely unfounded anyway, simply because, at least in the context of software, that trust is simply the lack of distrust due to having not yet experienced any bugs/issues that have built up a negative rapport with said software and what I expect it to do without fail).

So what’s the word I’m looking for, if such a single word exists?


You’re disillusioned.

disillusioned adj

having lost one’s ideals, illusions, or false ideas about someone or
something; disenchanted

{Collins English Dictionary}

disillusioned (adjective) disenchanted, disappointed, enlightened, indifferent, disabused, sadder and wiser …

{Collins Thesaurus of the English Language}

Source : Link , Question Author : purefusion , Answer Author : Edwin Ashworth

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