Word meaning “changing career paths often in a short period”

I’m currently writing a personal statement, and since English is not my native language I sometimes have trouble with transferring my ideas onto paper in English. Here’s what’s currently troubling me:

I’ve always wanted to be a scientist. Throughout my younger years I __ …

What I want in the blank is a word which conveys that before I chose physics, I actually went from scientific field to scientific field and read about a variety of scientific topics. Basically that I hopped from field to field before I settled for physics. What word can I use here?


None of them are a single word, but there are many ways to express this. The following is not at all a comprehensive list, but a few options you could choose from:

Throughout my younger years I vacillated between several different scientific fields before I settled on physics.

Throughout my younger years I was indecisive regarding the field I wanted to go into. I eventually chose physics.

Throughout my younger years I moved from field to field often before I ultimately decided physics was my calling.

Any of these would be acceptable, and I’m sure there are many more. I came up with a few others but they all had a slightly negative connotation (ie. "in hindsight I wish I hadn’t done this"). If you’re curious, I’ve listed them below:

Throughout my younger years my career path was a bit erratic, but I eventually decided on physics.

Throughout my younger years I was a bit mercurial when it came to what field I worked in. I eventually realized that physics was right for me.

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