Word meaning “to walk angrily with long steps without giving respect other people”

Is there a single word(verb) to describe the action “to walk angrily with long steps without giving respect other people”?

I found these three words which seem to be a close match for what I’m looking for: swagger, strut and stride. But I’m not sure which one of these I should use, or is there another other word that’s better?


I suggest the phrasal verb storm off, which encompasses the idea of leaving with anger. I find the use of lope to be at odds with the need for anger in the motion, since a lope is “a long, easy stride; a leisurely canter”; ease and leisureliness are not compatible with anger.

As StoneyB says, I don’t think you can get everything all into one word or even one phrasal verb; you will need additional description for the part where others are treated disrespectfully. Other options for that portion could be elbowing people aside, barreling through the crowd, or even heedless of the people in his way.

Source : Link , Question Author : T2E , Answer Author : Hellion

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