word-request: need some vocab for a priority levels table

Priority levels

4 | critical | Must be done as soon as possible
3 | high | Should be done
2 | medium | Include if there is still a space in the list
1 | low | Don’t bother including at this moment

There are three columns in the table (looks kind of ugly, but it’s because that no matter how many spaces I use, it defaults to just one space when rendered). The first column contains numbers each of which stands for a particular priority level. The second column has the textual representations of the numbers. The third column contains a short description for each priority level in the table.

My question is what names would you give to each column in this table so that it looks professional?

Thank you.


I don’t think you actually have three categories here: you actually have two categories, one of which is divided into two subcategories, but there are two ways to do that division. One way is that the first two columns are both “levels”, one expressed as numbers and the other as words, and the third column is a “description”. The other way is to think of the first column as “level”, with the second and third as “descriptions”, with the second as a short description and the third as an expanded description. Point being, I would only use two labels (I’m assuming this is possible in your table): “Level” and “Description”. Either “Level” goes over column 1 and column 2 together, or “Description” goes over column 2 and column 3 together.

You could spell it out (Level Number | Level Name | Description) but what’s the point? The fact that one is numbers and one is a name is obvious from the context.

Source : Link , Question Author : Michael Rybkin , Answer Author : Matthew W

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