Word that refers to efforts by people of all religions to develop closer relationships and better understandings

I am looking for a word like ecumenical:

Ecumenism refers to efforts by Christians of different Church traditions to develop closer relationships and better understandings. Wikipedia

What I want is a word that means the same but encompasses all world religions instead of just Christian denominations.

I am convinced that the lack of such a word is at the root of so much of the world’s conflict. I expect I will have to coin a word which facilitates cooperation among the world’s religions thus modeling the target behavior for their adherents.

I found: latitudinarian

: not insisting on strict conformity to a particular doctrine or standard : tolerant; specifically : tolerant of variations in religious opinion or doctrine Merriam-Webster

Tolerant is not sufficient. I want a word that connotes active engagement.


I believe that “universal religion” is often used in this context:

Influenced by Eastern religions and marked by spiritualism, which was
fashionable at the end of the nineteenth century, Theosophy sought to
bring together religion and science and claimed to be a universal
, one that went beyond sectarianism.

Andrew Wernick, on the “secular religion” of Auguste Comte. Note, I have not read this book. You should try this article, but it’s behind a paywall, I’m afraid!

If that’s too much, then the phrase “interfaith dialogue” is common, and included in some definitions of ‘ecumenical’.

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