Yiddish loan words for the foolish & incompetent

Is there a Yiddish loan word to describe someone incompetent or amateurish, or who is a small-time player in a given field of endeavor? The closest I know of are general-purpose insults like shnook, shlemiel, schmuck, &c., &c., but I don’t think they have the specific meaning I’m looking for.


I learned (by usage-N.E. North America) that a schmendrick is a young, inexperienced, incompetent, and generally ineffectual but well-meaning person; A "babe in arms" fool; A "Mark" for a professional gambler.

"Oy (Oh, Dear!), the poor schmendrick didn’t realize what he was getting into!"

Source : Link , Question Author : crmdgn , Answer Author : Stan

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