“You iron clothes if they are […]”

These jeans are […], you need to iron it.

After the washing machine, the clothes are […]. You have to iron them.

What adjective would you fill in the gaps with? My dictionary gives me wrinkled, creased, rumpled, and crumpled.


There’s quite a lot of regional variation on this one, but here’s the overall picture

enter image description here

I won’t bother adding more charts, but if you follow the link above, and toggle between US/UK corpuses, you’ll see that Brits still favour crumpled, but Americans have moved decisively in favour of wrinkled over recent decades. By weight of numbers wrinkled is definitely the one with the most promising future.

In the context of clothes, wrinkled, crumpled, creased, rumpled, etc. all mean exactly the same thing. But note that trousers, for example, may occasionally be approvingly referred to as nicely creased when they’ve been ironed/pressed to make a sharp fold line exactly where it’s wanted.

Source : Link , Question Author : Graduate , Answer Author : FumbleFingers

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