you owe me and you owe my

I read all the answers about “owe” but I am still confused. My question is not about the meaning of sentences, it’s clear but which grammar rule is used in these sentences:

  • I owe you some money (and not I owe your money)
  • You owe me some money (and not you owe my money)

are sentences on the left correct grammatically?


“owe” is usually a ditransitive verb: somebody owes somebody something.

We can say things like:

  • I owe a lot of money. (Here ,”owe” is monotransitive. In this case, the creditors are not specified.)

When the creditor is specified, then the ditransitive pattern is required:

  • I owe you / the bank a lot of money.

Source : Link , Question Author : El Lee , Answer Author : Gustavson

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