Zero articles in movie and book titles

Can you please explain to me, why sometimes there’s no article in the movie or book titles, even if these titles are singular count nouns.

For example:

“Junky” by William S. Burroughs or “Alien” by Ridley Scott.

Edit: I know they could also be titled: “A Junky”, “The Junky”, “An Alien” and “The Alien”. Would there be any difference in the meaning?


Movie titles, book titles and headlines are not complete sentences; instead one way to consider them is as a series of words that loosely fit into the grammar.

Consider the case when someone shouts out your name: you turn to look, without concerning yourself whether they have defined fully who you are. The essential quality of the communication is that both sides understand what is meant, in the minimum of words.

Source : Link , Question Author : pawel maria , Answer Author : Trevor Christopher Butcher

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